• What are the benefits of mineral makeup over traditional makeup? What makes it different than the regular makeup I've used for years?

    • How is M*A*D Minerals different than other mineral makeup brands?

    • Is it true that mineral makeup contains a natural sunblock?

    • Do Your Products Contain Nano-Particles?

    • Are your ingredients further micronized during manufacturing?

    • What is the difference between nanoparticles and micronized particles?

    • Will my skin break out?

    • Can I use M*A*D Minerals loose mineral foundation if I have Acne/Rosacea/Skin Conditions?

    • Does your mineral Makeup Have An Expiration Date?

    • How do I choose a foundation shade?

    • Can you tell me how many grams of mineral powder is in each jar?

    • I received my 30g Refill Baggy, Why is it only 10 grams of powder?


    • Can I use loose mineral foundation if my skin is dry and flaky?

    What are the benefits of mineral makeup over traditional makeup? What makes it different than the regular makeup I've used for years? top

    Mineral makeup is comprised of bare earth minerals, so it actually sits on the surface of the skin and isn’t absorbed into it. Therefore, mineral makeup will not clog pores or get a cakey look in lines or creases. M*A*D Minerals Makeup is a better choice than traditional makeup because it is not only non-comedogenic, but our formulas are free of parabens, irritating chemicals, fragrances, and preservatives, making them healthy and effective for all skin types. Our mineral makeup include Titanium Dioxide (a natural sunscreen), Iron Oxides (which gives the color), Zinc Oxide (a natural sunscreen and is soothing to skin).

    Our minerals do not contain talc or bismuth oxychloride. Traditional makeup usually contains talc or bismuth oxychloride as a filler. Talc can clog pores and the longer it sits on your skin, it will make fine lines & pores more prominent. Bismuth oxychloride may cause many women's skin to itch and/or break out.

    Our mineral makeup lays on the surface of the skin and allows your skin to breathe and function normally. It’s a natural protectant from the environment and is better to wear it than no makeup at all.

    How is M*A*D Minerals different than other mineral makeup brands? top

    The only differences you will find between M*A*D Minerals products and the other mineral brands are the prices & the ingredients.

    We do not use any fancy packaging, labels, high priced advertising, paid models, television infomercials, and the list goes on. Someone has to pay for all that! I know I sure don’t want to pay for it. I want the product itself because once that fancy jar is empty; it will most likely go in the trash or recycling bin. However, I encourage people to save our not so fancy jars. They are completely washable & reusable. We offer refills that are packaged in little zip baggies to save you even more money.

    The only advertising we use is "Word of Mouth" by people that are actually using our products, and it is not only the best advertisement, but it is also Free!

    We offer samples for purchase so you can experiment with a variety of shades & see for yourself how they work with your very own coloring before committing to full sizes. Give M*A*D Minerals a try and if it doesn't work for you, well at least you know & your not out of a large chunk of money. However, if you love our products, then we know you will be back for more! Simple as that.

    As for ingredients, we recommend you read the labels on all cosmetic products. Virtually, any cosmetic can be called a "mineral makeup" if it contains talc for example, as it is a mineral that is a very cheap filler that will actually dry skin out, clog your pores by suffocating your skin & is also under suspicion as a carcinogen (cancer causing agent).

    The bottom line are profits for major name brand companies that manufacture bulk powders with ingredients filled with very inexpensive synthetic fillers and nasty chemicals.

    We care about your skin's health! Our mineral foundation only contains 5 ingredients: Mica, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides & Ultramarine Blue.

    Is it true that mineral makeup contains a natural sunblock? top

    Mineral makeup provides natural, broad-spectrum UV protection from nature's elements without skin irritation. In a world that's turning to a "green" and a more natural way of living, artificial chemicals and preservatives are being left behind. Earth-based minerals are a wonderful alternative to chemical-laden cosmetics. M*A*D Minerals makeup contains Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide that will provide UVA and UVB protection, Naturally!

    Unfortunately we cannot specify an exact SPF without costly testing, and we do recommend that everyone should always use sunscreen, even when wearing mineral makeup.

    Do Your Products Contain Nano-Particles? top

    Absolutely not and they never will!

    Are your ingredients further micronized during manufacturing? top

    Our blending process consists of using commercial size food processors that will only ensure that the powders are blended & disperse evenly. It does not cause a further reduction in size.

    What is the difference between nanoparticles and micronized particles? top

    Nanoparticles are particles that are so small, they are measured in billionths of a meter (nanometers). A nanoparticle is defined as anything between 1-100 nanometers in diameter. These ultra fine particles are a boon to the cosmetic industry because they "fill" the microscopic crevices in the skin and glide over the skin smoothly. They, however, also pose a serious health risk when inhaled or absorbed into the body.

    Not all micronized ingredients however, are nanoparticles. Micronized ingredients are measured in millionths of a meter (microns or micrometers) making a micron 1000 times larger than a nanometer. Most mineral make-up companies, conscious of the dangers of nanoparticles, claim to use a median particle size of 12-15 microns or higher (12,000-15,000 nanometers and up).

    Will my skin break out? top

    If you have sensitive skin, and have had bad experiences with cosmetics in the past, then M*A*D minerals makeup is for you. While even a good quality natural cosmetic does not carry a guarantee, the likelihood of a reaction is rare. The most irritating ingredients in cosmetics are talc, dye, and fragrances.

    Can I use M*A*D Minerals loose mineral foundation if I have Acne/Rosacea/Skin Conditions? top

    Absolutely! Our loose mineral foundation will actually improve the health and condition of your skin with regular use. Our foundations contain zinc oxide & titanium dioxide.

    Zinc Oxide: Known for it's healing properties for problem skin (such as rosacea), it helps minerals adhere through sweating and swimming while providing UVA/UVB sun protection.

    Titanium Dioxide: Offers waterproof, sun protection and anti-bacterial properties. Adds brightness while providing a matte finish. Has light refraction properties to reduce the look of fine lines and large pores. Helps minerals adhere to the skin.

    Does your mineral Makeup Have An Expiration Date? top

    No, Mineral Makeup does not expire or 'go bad' like traditional cosmetics can. Minerals are inorganic and inert and therefore cannot support fungal, bacterial or microbial growth. As long as you keep your brushes clean and avoid sharing your makeup with friends, your mineral makeup has an indefinite shelf-life.

    How do I choose a foundation shade? top

    First, you want to determine your natural skin tone (cool/pink/neutral/warm/olive) & your natural coloring (light, med, dark, etc.)


    If you have cool tones, you will most likely have black, ash brown, ash blonde or platinum hair. Your skin will appear pink or neutral (have no distinctive tones), with bluish (rather than greenish) veins. Your eyes will most likely be clear blue, gray, clear green or dark brown. You look best in cool pinks, red, blues, black, jewel-like colors (such as deep, clear emerald or purple), clear yellow, etc. Please keep in mind you might not look good in ALL these colors, but if any of these shades look great on you, then you are a cool-toned person. Some people might look good in black, reds and blues, while another cool tone person might look good in the hot pinks, yellows and white.

    Our Rosy foundations have slight pink tones.
    Our Natural foundations have balanced tones. 


     If you have warm tones, you will most likely have mahogany, auburn, warm brown, golden brown, golden blonde, strawberry blonde or reddish hair. Your skin will appear golden or peachy with greenish (rather than bluish) veins. Your eyes will most likely be warm brown, green, hazel or aqua. You look best in warm shades such as brown, cream, soft greens, forest green, mint, mahogany, rust, deep coral, etc. Black or white will make you look washed out and overwhelm your face.

    Our Golden Foundations have golden peachy undertones.
    Our Olive Foundations have olive/strong yellow tones.

    If you cannot determine your skin tone, you may have natural neutral tones

    Our Natural Foundations actually work best on over 60% of our worldwide customers.


    Once you have determined your skin tone and your natural coloring, you will be able to select your shade or shades that will best fit your skin. We recommend trying samples before purchasing full sizes.

    Please refer to our Foundation Chart in selecting foundation shades.

    Can you tell me how many grams of mineral powder is in each jar? top

    This is very confusing for everyone.

    We package our minerals by volume, not by weight because the minerals have various weights depending on the color, texture, etc.

    For example, A full 30g sifter jar of Fair foundation may only weigh 10 grams, while a full Natural Dark foundation may weigh 13 grams.

    Darker minerals generally weigh more then lighter minerals.

    Silk Veil finishing powder is very light in weight, therefore a full 30g jar may only hold 5 grams of it.


    We just make sure that every jar is full!


    Here are the approximate weights per jar. Of course, depending on the type of mineral powders.


    5g sifter jar holds .75-1.5 gram powder - Approx. 3/4 tsp. - 1 tsp.

    5g Jar without sifter holds 1-2.5 grams powder - Approx. 1 tsp. - 1 1/2 tsp.

    10g sifter jar holds 2.5-4 grams powder - Approx. 2 tsp. - 2 1/2 tsp.

    20g sifter jar holds 4.5-8 grams powder - Approx. 1 - 1 1/8 Tbsp.

    30g sifter jar holds 9-13 grams powder - Approx. 2 - 2 1/8 Tbsp

    Each full size jar is packed full to our ability. However, during shipping there may be some settling, some jars may appear fuller than others.

    I received my 30g Refill Baggy, Why is it only 10 grams of powder? top

    order refill baggies to reuse your jars
    These refills will refill the size of the jars stated. 
    For example: (30g Refill Baggy) - A 30g sifter jar holds approximately 9-13 grams of mineral powder depending on the type or shade of minerals you are purchasing. Silk Veil finishing powder is one of our lightest in weight  & may even weigh less than 9 grams. 
    You will NOT receive 30 grams of mineral powder. 
    You will receive plenty enough to refill the empty jar size that you purchased.


    Large pores that need filled in:

    After buffing on the minerals in the normal fashion, using our Large All Over brush or one like it, pick up a small amount of foundation or concealer on the brush, apply to your face in a sweeping motion, to smooth out the areas with large pores. Finish with a spritz of perfect finish spray. You can also apply a soft shimmer powder like our flash glow. Apply all over to help reflect light out and away from your face, which helps to diminish the look of large, uneven pores. 

    Gray areas and/or bags under your eyes:

    You will want to try our yellow corrector or our vanilla multi-use matte color (it is a great eye/face brightener). Using ourLarge All Over brush or one like it, apply the powder under your eyes and around your eyes and on the lids. Blend well. 
    You may do this before or after your foundation application. Flash glow can also be used in place of Yellow Corrector or our vanilla multi-use matte color, If you want a more dewy, illuminating finished look.

    For bags under the eyes, you will want to make sure to apply yellow corrector or our vanilla multi-use matte color on the underside of the puffy bag area. Apply a very light layer of a natural brown shade, such as our taupe or toffee right on the bulge of the puffy bag. (this will give the illusion that the puffiness has a flattened appearance.) Apply your eye shadow/liner as normal after applying coverage.

    Acne that needs extra covering:

    Make sure you apply a good moisturizer and letting it absorb into your skin 5 to 10 min.) before buffing on your makeup. Even if you have severely oily skin, you need to apply at least a few drops of our 100% Essential Argan Oil to give a smooth surface for applying your minerals. If your skin is very dried out, your mineral application may look cakey & you may even see flakes of skin. To avoid that, it is essential to apply a facial moisturizer before buffing on your minerals. This is recommended for all skin types (dry, combo or oily skin).

    Step One:

    Apply a few light layers of foundation or concealer to your skin to help cover and smooth out your basic skin tone. (for extra coverage, we recommend a 50/50 mixture of foundation and concealer), as it makes a perfect base. Experiment to see what works best for you. Make sure you are using a good quality makeup brush, such as our kabuki brush or aFlat Top Buffer; either of these will give you the best results. Cheaper, lesser quality powder brushes simply DO NOT WORK. 

    Step Two:

    To cover small, infrequent spots, simply take a small, stiff brush, such as our smaller All Over Brush and dip into yourfoundationconcealer or 50/50 mixture. Apply to the spot, using an upward motion. By applying the makeup in an upward motion, you will help to get a good coating of makeup on the underside of the blemish, thus creating the illusion of no blemish. Finish by using your kabuki brush or Flat Top Buffer ,pick up just a small amount of powder to gently tap on a final layer of the foundation to your whole face.

    For more difficult areas

    To cover areas with many clustered blemishes, it is easier to do the next cover-up trick, rather than trying to cover each tiny little spot. First apply your foundationconcealer or 50/50 mixture as in step one. Take our Large All Over brush and dip into your foundationconcealer or 50/50 mixture. Apply a nice, thick coat to your troubled areas.

    The last finishing step:

    We recommend you finish with flash glow finishing powder. Although most people with acne tend to have oily skin and want to achieve a matte look, we feel that applying Flash glow,a light-reflecting finisher helps to diminish the look of uneven texture and broken out areas. But that will be your own personal preference. If you do want a matte look, finish with our Translucent Matte Finisher or for extremely oily skin, use our Primitive Primer/ Mineral Finishing Powder(may be applied before and after your foundation application) and throughout the day as your face gets oily.

    If you have Rosacea/Redness/Sunburn that needs covering:

    You will want to use our green corrector mineral powder. Using a kabuki brush, apply to your entire face (or just the red areas). Then buff on your mineral foundation or concealer. For smaller red areas that need covered, simply apply thegreen corrector with our Large All Over brush, then follow with your foundation application.

    You might also want to try our Concealers available in light, lt-med & medium shades. These cover very well, and last all day. They can be used alone, with or without foundation & can be applied before or after your mineral foundation application.

    If you have pasty, sallow, yellowish looking skin that needs brightening:

    You will want to use our Pink Corrector. It is a soft, matte pink mineral powder that will liven up any dull, lifeless complexion. Simply buff onto your skin before or after your mineral foundation, focusing on the apples of the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. To finish, try our Flash glow finishing mineral powder. It will bring just a hint of dewy freshness so you never look dull or washed-out. Making you appear brighter and happier!

    Have dull, flat looking skin & want to look more fresh & dewy:

    Simply dust a light coat of our Flash glow finishing mineral powder after your mineral foundation for a soft, light-diffused look. You may also mix in our baby bronze bronzer mineral powder with your foundation to give a creamy, lustrous finish.

    Oily Skin that also needs coverage:

    Prime your skin with our Primitive Primer/ Mineral Finishing Powder. Buff on your foundation, and then finish with theTranslucent Matte Finisher ,Reapply during the day if you get excessively oily. For extra coverage AND control of shine, try our Concealers available in light, lt-med & medium shades. These contain clay and help to cut shine while also providing excellent coverage.

    Oily Skin that doesn't need a lot of coverage:

    Simply prime or finish your face with our Primitive Primer/ Mineral Finishing Powder or Translucent Matte Finishermineral powders. Use our mineral foundation for wonderful, even coverage.

    Dry Skin that needs moisture:

    Wash your face with a gentle facial soap, or a creamy cleanser. Clean any excess makeup off with our Chamomile and Aloe Vera Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover or Indelible oil-based makeup remover. Spritz on our perfect finish spray over or under your foundation application. An excellent idea is to use our 100% Essential Argan Oil. Let your moisturizer soak in, then buff on your minerals as usual. You may also mix your minerals with your favorite facial moisturizer for a creamy mineral foundation.

    Skin that itches when wearing the mineral foundation:

    Some people are very sensitive to certain ingredients in mineral makeup foundation, causing them to itch, especially during the summer months or when sweating. Bismuth Oxychloride is often a major culprit. We do not use Bismuth Oxychloride, so if you find yourself feeling itchy with our foundation, you may be sensitive to zinc oxide (it is rare to be sensitive to zinc oxide). You might want to just use a light finishing powder, such as our Silk Veil or our Aloe Veilduring the summer to prevent this, or mix our Silk Veil or our Aloe Veil into your foundation to lessen the percentage of Zinc Oxide.

    I have a round face and would like to define my cheekbones:

    Using our taupe or toffee matte mineral multi-use color, dust a small amount of powder under your cheekbones, under your jaw, on the sides of your nose, in the crease of your eyes, etc. Then using our vanilla multi-use matte color, dust small amounts of powder on top of your cheekbones, your chin, forehead, center of your nose, brow bone, etc. This will define and shape your face.

    I have wrinkled skin with fine lines that need covered:

    Make sure to apply a good moisturizer to your skin and let it soak in. Apply a light layer of our mineral foundation to your face, being careful not to apply too much. Finish with a light dusting of our Silk Veil , Aloe Veil OR the Flash glowfinishing mineral powder. Flash glow will give a little bit more of a dewy, fresh look.

    Oh no! My skin looks chalky after applying my mineral foundation:

    You are most likely using too much mineral foundation. Apply the foundation in very light layers using a good qualitykabuki brush (important to use a good quality brush that is perfectly designed for mineral makeup) and buff, buff, buff in a circular motion. Also, make sure you have the correct mineral foundation shade. If the shade is too pale and you apply it thickly, it will end up looking too chalky.

    Keep your skin smooth and soft by moisturizing and exfoliating often. Dry, patchy skin will not allow the minerals to meld into your skin & look their best.

    Finish your makeup with our perfect finish spray.

    My skin looks orange during the day or by the end of the day:

    Your foundation is probably the wrong color. Select our Cool/Pink/Neutral or Olive foundations. Our Golden Foundation shades have peachy tones, so DO NOT use them if your skin tends to turn orange during the day.

    Can I use loose mineral foundation if my skin is dry and flaky? top

    Yes you can use mineral foundation if you have dry skin