5 Piece Sample Set For Face

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Each shade is a 1/4 tsp. sample packaged in your choice of zip baggies or sample jars 

Each set includes:

2 foundation shades
2 finishing powders
1 aloe blush 

Neutral Shades - for complexions with neutral balanced undertones

Olive Shades - for complexions with yellow undertones

Rosy Shades - for complexions with pink undertones

Warm Shades - for complexions with golden peachy undertones

These sample sets are already pre-made with coordinating shades, if you want samples with your choice shades, please choose one of our Value Sample Sets or every color in our catalog has a sample option to purchase individually

5 piece sample sets

Example picture above of how a sample set looks like
packaged in baggies (top) or jars (bottom)
Each set varies according to which set you order & may look different 


NEUTRAL-Fair to Fairly Light
NEUTRAL-Fairly Light to Light
NEUTRAL-Light to Light Medium
NEUTRAL-Light Medium to Medium
NEUTRAL-Medium to Medium Tan
NEUTRAL-Medium Tan to Dark Tan
NEUTRAL-Dark Tan to Dark
ROSY-Light to Light Medium
ROSY-Light Medium to Medium
ROSY-Medium to Medium Tan
ROSY-Medium Tan to Dark Tan
ROSY-Dark Tan to Dark
OLIVE-Light to Light Medium
OLIVE-Light Medium to Medium
OLIVE-Medium to Medium Tan
OLIVE-Medium Tan to Dark Tan
OLIVE-Dark Tan to Dark
WARM-Light to Light Medium
WARM-Light Medium to Medium
WARM-Medium to Medium Tan
WARM-Medium Tan to Dark Tan
WARM-Dark Tan to Dark
SAMPLE JAR SET add $1.50