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beautiful finish

Translucent finishing powders for the perfect natural finish!

Extends the life of any foundation (powder/liquid) throughout the day while giving you the finish that you desire.

Translucent Veil oil absorbing for a matte finish (Normal/Oily Skin)
Silk Veil a creamy semi-matte silky finish (All Skin)
Satin Glow for a satin sheen finish (All Skin)
Flash Glow for a glowing finish with illuminating microfine sparkles (All Skin)
Aloe Veil ...for a soothing airbrushed smooth semi-matte finish (All / Sensitive Skin)
Primitive Primer/Finisher ...applied Before makeup application to absorb excessive oil - applied After makeup application for a matte finish (Combo/Oily Skin)
Pink Icing for just a hint of rosy pink glow. Absorbs excess oil too! (Normal/Oily Skin)

Types Of Finishers:

Matte (no shine or shimmer)
Semi-Matte (very slight sheen almost matte - no shimmer or sparkles) 
Sheen (a healthy glow without any shimmer or sparkles)
Illuminating (glow with microfine sparkles)

How To Apply Loose Mineral Finishing Powders:

Using a Kabuki brush or Buffer powder brush, simply buff a very light layer all over your face. Buff in circular or downward strokes according to your preference.
For oily skin, pay particular attention to the T-Zone of your face (forehead, nose, cheeks & chin)
For fine facial hair, we recommend applying finishing powder in downward strokes following the natural hair growth.